Clean up

After you have completed the workshop, in order to keep charges to a minimum, always delete resources you no longer need.

  1. Before deleting the CloudFormation templates, delete the following resources created during the workshop:

    • Site-to-Site VPNs from the VPC services console
    • Transit Gateway attachment in NP3
    • Endpoint and Endpoint service
    • DNS record to endpoint
    • VPC peering connection
    • RAM share
  2. Delete the CloudFormation templates in reverse order:

    • 4.tgw-vpc-cross.yaml
    • 3.tgw-dns.yaml
    • 2.tgw-csr.yaml (be sure you removed the Site-to-Site VPN form the VPC services first or it will fail to remove and you will have to do it again!)
    • 1.tgw-vpcs.yaml (this will also removed the cloud9 stack, no need to manual delete that stack)