Verify Endpoint

Verify connectivity to the new Service from NP1

If you deployed to new subnets you will only be able to test the web application via the new VPC Endpoint. if you used exisiting subnets you could access both*your_domain* and*your_domain

  1. In the AWS Management Console choose Services then select Systems Manager.

  2. From the menu on the left, Scroll down and select Session Manager. Session Manager allows us to use IAM role and policies to determine who has console access without having to manage ssh keys for our instances.

  3. In the main pane, click the Start session button. Pick The NP1 Instance to shell into. You will now enter a bash shell prompt for that instance.

  4. Let’s curl You should get a response from one of the two instances in the Autoscaling Group which is in the Target Group

Welcome to my web server. Server private IP is
Availability Zone: us-west-2b
Stack Name: tgw2
your ip is