Deploy a LoadBalanced Web in the NP2 VPC

Run CloudFormation template 6.tgw-privatelink.yaml to deploy a Network LoadBalancer in either new subnets or the private subnets. The template will also deploy a Web Application using an Autoscaling Group in the NP2 private subnets.

HOW TO Deploy the NLB and Autoscaling Group

  1. Click on the CloudFormation Launch link below that corresponds to the AWS Region in which you deploy the first stack.

US East (N. Virginia) US East (Ohio) US West (Oregon) EU West (Ireland) AP Southeast (Singapore) AP Northeast (Tokyo)

1) For the Specify stack details give the stack a name, leave AllAZs set to yes , for ParentStack enter the name of your first stack (must be entered exactly to work). Click Next. Stack Parameters

1) For Configuration stack options we don’t need to change anything, so just click Next in the bottom right.

1) Scroll down to the bottom of the Review name_of_your_stack and check the I acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources with custom names. Click the Create button in the lower right. Create Stack

1) wait for the Stack to show Create_Complete. Stack Complete