Click Through Agreement for Cisco CSR

If you will be using Cisco VPN devices in your datacenter the Cisco 1000v should be used to simulate your on premise gateway device. The Cisco CSR 1000v is a Virtual IOS-XE based Enterprise VPN Router. It can be used in your datacenter running on VMWare ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, Redhat KVM, Citrix XenServer, and as we will see in this workshop it also runs on AWS. The CSR 1000v supports the same commands, tools, and logs as Cisco ISR and ASR platforms, which can also be used in your datacenter providing the Customer Gateway side of your AWS VPN connectivity. note: there is no extra charge for the software above the cost the the ec2 instance charges, however without a purchased license, the Cisco 1000v will be limited to 100kbps throughput.

  1. From your browser bring up the Cisco CSR in the AWS Marketplace
  2. Click the Continue to subscribe button.
  3. On the Subscribe to this software page, Click the Accept Terms button